Jul 9, 2012

Regina Fireworks 2012

After some quality time with Wendy and Darwin, Tyler and I rushed out the door to see the fireworks in Wascana Park on Canada Day.  We had snapped some pictures of the sunset from Wendy's balcony and in the distance could see that a massive thunderstorm was looming on the horizon.  Online it said the fireworks would be going off at 10:30, but if the weather wasn't cooperating they'd go off sooner.  We hunted down a parking spot in suburbia around 10 or so, and just as we opened our doors we heard it - the first firework went off.  With that we decided to take a jog.

We didn't end up missing much, but ended up just outside the Legislative Building and found a spot next to the west wing stairs.  The last time I'd seen the fireworks in Regina was during a summer semester in 2007, this time they seemed way better.  It did start to pour rain about halfway through, but we were able to take shelter in the door well at the top of the stairs.  It was actually quite an energetic scene with everyone fleeing Wascana while the fireworks continued overhead.  It was a good show that continued even after we left the park.  The lightning that night was just as epic.    

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