Jul 28, 2012

Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede 2012

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the Medicine Hat Stampede, but on a more personal note, it marks a decade since the last time I bothered snapping any pictures of it.  The reason that sticks out in my mind is because my friend Paul and I have gone to most of the Stampede & Exhibitions together since we were kids (mainly the midway or fairgrounds), and it was that summer 10 years ago that we last bothered to buy a wristband to spend the afternoon riding the rides.

In recent years our annual trip to the fairground has really just been an excuse to eat, check out the exhibits, bump into people we know, play crown and anchor, and buy tickets for the raffles going on.  On Thursday night we did all of that, and surprisingly avoided the casino.  We may not ride the rides anymore (mainly because they're swamped with kids), but the colors sure make for some nice pictures. 


Taron S said...

I love this! A real trip down memory lane..

Wendy said...

Nice ass! :D