Jul 30, 2012

Afternoon at Lake Louise

On my way to Golden, BC I had it in my mind that I'd stop at Lake Louise in Banff National Park for a couple of hours to walk around and snap pictures.  What had become obvious the closer I got however, was that the clouds weren't breaking up and it was going to be overcast while I was there.  That wasn't exactly the picturesque scene I had in mind, but I had been driving for hours and felt like stopping anyway.

The bright side to this was that the park was noticeably less busy because everyone figured it was going to rain.  It also wasn't a total loss for me because I knew I'd be back through in a couple of days and it was supposed to be really warm and sunny.  

On the Sunday as I was heading back home, the weather didn't disappoint. The crowds were insane however, and it took me an hour just to find parking. I got a kick out of everyone, myself included, snapping the exact same pictures of the famed lake in Banff. Who could blame them? It was really scenic.

I walked around the boardwalk, did a lot of people watching, and took a short tour around the Fairmont Chateau. It was a nice afternoon and the vibe (outside of the parking lot) was really relaxed and enjoyable. Banff in general, including Lake Louise, is truly an incredible place.

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