Jul 15, 2012

Red Square Art Project

Further proof that I had Russia on my brain in high school was this gem of an art project that I rediscovered.   It's pretty rough around the edges, and I remember rushing to paint it to get it done in time, but if you couldn't tell it's a mini St. Basil's Cathedral and Kremlin clock tower popping out of the pages of a book.

This was made around the same time as my Oscar, probably the best cared for art project I ever made in school.  The assignment involved working with clay to create a book base that you'd then individualize by elaborating on the pages.  Considering all of the travel guides that I had been reading at the time, it's not too surprising why I ended up going this direction.

The star on top of the clock tower broke off at some point, as did one of the tour buses and a few of the lamp posts that I'd made.  While I never considered this project shelf-worthy, I thought I'd bring it up now as it's once again serving as a bit of foreshadowing for the upcoming trip in a few years time.  There's still a lot of planning that has to go into making it a reality, but if a few travel guides had me thinking that this art project was a good idea, imagine what the real place might inspire.

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