Jul 31, 2012

Exploring Downtown Regina

One of the final moments to share from my visit to Regina earlier this month was the time that Tyler and I spent exploring downtown.  I hadn't even realized prior, but 12th Avenue has now been paved to create the City Square Plaza around Victoria Park.  This links the F.W. Hill Mall and creates a huge open walking space that brings a welcome and brand new focal point to the centre of the city.  They've done a really nice job.

The new Mosaic Potash Tower (Hill Centre Tower III) is also nearly complete, which changes the symmetry of the skyline created by Regina's twin towers - not to mention the logo on the welcome to Regina signs.  It's a beautiful area though, and we even had a few flashbacks from seeing the Saskatchewan Film Pool building again.  It was where we screened our experimental film shorts back in 2006.  It's great to see Regina continue to become a more dynamic place, and in some cases change so rapidly in just the few years that have passed since my time there in film school. 

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Suzy Krause said...

i love seeing others' pictures of places that are so familiar to me. cool shots.