Aug 31, 2022

Restoring An Old Family Sign

Over the weekend I restored this old Fandrich family sign

It originally hung on my grandparent's house, where I remember it most vividly as a little kid hanging off of their front deck. It then ended up in Calgary, then on my uncle's house back in the Hat, and then eventually in storage. This summer my cousin uncovered it (looking a little worse for wear) and asked if I wanted it. 

Following a cleaning, thorough sanding, complete restaining, and a little paint - this decades old sign has found a new home on the wall in my entryway. I think it turned out pretty good? It's always nice having a story attached.

Aug 14, 2022

Cinema Illustrations: Monarch Documentary

Early into production of "Your Cinema Needs You" it was clear that existing archival material was going to be an issue, and so I went in search of an artist to commission original drawings exclusively for the documentary.

Cue, Leanne Stock. I don't want to give too much away yet, but here are some of the original drawings (of just the Monarch) that she completed for the production. What makes a lot of the shots additionally impressive is that I asked that they all be drawn from the same perspective even though a lot of the archival images were not from that angle. She nailed it!

Just one of numerous details that has made this project such a collaborative undertaking. Thanks again, Leanne, for the incredible illustrations!

Leanne Stock Artwork Monarch Theatre

Aug 10, 2022

Title Reveal: Your Cinema Needs You

Title reveal / teaser poster: I'm happy to finally share that my upcoming feature length documentary on the Monarch Theatre is called Your Cinema Needs You.

Spanning the 110+ year history of a single screen cinema, Your Cinema Needs You is an exploration of "what might just be" the oldest surviving movie theatre in all of Canada.

From its origins to its reinventions to the numerous other cinemas it outlasted along the way, Your Cinema Needs You takes place against the backdrop of the Monarch's uncertain future and looks at why the cinema experience, in general, is still worth saving. 

Release date TBD. Late 2022.

Monarch Documentary Editing Luke