Jul 7, 2012

Dinner With Friends

What I'm loving most about summer so far is that I'm busy in a way that feels way healthier than it did last year.  While the lack of extra editing work is taking a small toll financially, I'm pursuing more creative avenues and giving myself projects, I'm blogging in a way that has been really rewarding these days, and I'm finding time to see more people and take time out.  Wednesday night was a prime example.

I met up with my friends Keith and Taylor down at Local for beers and a chat.  We've all known each other since we were kids and despite it being months since our last meet up, things always go right back to the same old dynamic.  Not surprisingly, I snapped a few pictures, and we discussed how brilliant it would've been to have documented some of our childhood games and creations as thoroughly as I do now.  Keith had an epic Lego collection that dominated the pool table in his parent's basement, and years of our after school hangouts were spent there.  Even just talking about some of that stuff again is like a boost of energy - the burger helped too.

From there we went back to my place to replay one of our later Super Nintendo tycoon-style addictions, Aerobiz.  The objective of the game is to dominate the world by building an airline and linking cities, and while perhaps a bit more refined than virtually shooting one another, I think we'd agree there is something very gratifying about defeating your friends with business savvy and forced bankruptcy.  Competitive strategy games were always popular with us, and it's kind of funny thinking about how much we all seemed to share an interest in geography, history, and war.  I'm not sure I have anyone else to blame for why I became so addicted to Civilization II. 

The visit was welcome and overdue, and it seemed to nicely compliment my nostalgia trip in Regina last weekend.  That said, I'm ready for a rematch anytime, gents. 

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