Jul 3, 2012

Canada Day in Regina

My intention was to write an epic post, but after getting home and realizing how exhausted I was, realizing that I shot over 650 images (+250 on my iPod), and realizing that I didn't have near the time I'd need to organize this right now, consider this a teaser for posts to come.  

As I've done numerous times before, I drove to Regina for the long weekend to celebrate Canada Day and relive a few pieces of nostalgia in the city I attended film school.  My friend Tyler is moving to Ontario in a few months, and as far as close film school friends and former College West buddies are concerned, he's the last one still there. It means Regina, with the exception of Wendy and Darwin, will no longer be the social hub it once was for me.   

The trip had a different feel to it than any of the other previous visits.  It was a mix of creating new memories, revisiting places that defined the city to us, memorializing Dave and the anniversary of one of our last major hangouts on Canada Day last year, and saying goodbye to traditions we've been creating for a decade.  Between exploring the university again, walking around downtown, visiting Wendy and Darwin, having a bonfire and shooting clips for Searching Salvation, touring the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, driving out to the Regina sign, watching the fireworks in Wascana, catching a movie at the Southland, taking the familiar walk from the uni to Mac's for slurpees, revisiting and photographing scenes from old film projects, going for schooners at BP's, and working out our schedules leading up to Vegas in September, it was a whirlwind 48 hours.  That doesn't even include all the stops I made to take photographs on my drive to and from Saskatchewan.

I'm going to need a bit of time to digest everything now, but that was a really fun weekend. Frankly, I don't know if we could have forced anymore nostalgia without enrolling in summer school classes.


Wendy said...

It was wonderful seeing you Luke, as always. It was especially nice for you to get some Darwin time in. He grows so fast! As I've always said, even though Darwin will never know Dave, it's important to me that he knows the people who helped shape Dave into the awesome guy he was, and you're part of that.

Editing Luke said...

It was great seeing you and Darwin too, he was so much fun! He's going to be walking and talking in no time and then the entertainment will really begin, haha. I've got some pictures and video to share later in the week that I think you'll really enjoy too.