Jul 23, 2012

Back to the Buick Scenes

Revisiting a few of the key locations from the Buick to the Future shorts my friend Tyler and I made in the summer of 2007 was a trip.  With the series now 5 years old, it's tough not to think about it without film school memories flooding back in.  The project really marked the beginning of the end of my time in Regina and university, so it seemed fitting to explore these scenes along with the film school itself.

In addition to being a little bit older ourselves, the locations actually have changed quite a bit.  The Cinema 6 drive-in site where we shot the third episode was a giant marsh when we went out there.  The movie screen has since been torn down and only the sign remains in a flooded ditch.  In 2007 we took a picture underneath the sign, but couldn't get near as close this time.

The parking lot where we shot the first episode at the university has seen a few changes too.  The road where we got the Buick up to 8mph has now been paved, and a new lab building sits in the background.  Even the Buick now resembles a Jaguar.

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