Jul 6, 2012

Playtime With Darwin

One of the big highlights from last weekend was visiting with Wendy and Darwin, and getting to see how much Darwin had grown since Christmas break.  He was so energetic, vocal, and playful this time around.  Once again he was fascinated by my technology. He loved playing with my cameras and iPod, and as soon as I wasn't looking they always ended up in his mouth. Darwin's fascination made it easy to capture some great candid moments and reactions. 

I shot some video this time, which turned out really well too.  I had fun setting up blocks for him around the living room and he'd crawl over to knock them down again and again. He's going to be walking and talking in no time and it's getting easier to see Dave in him.  Darwin is a pretty cute little guy and I'm thankful for the rare opportunities that I've had to spend time with him.

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