Jul 18, 2012

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

I love this place.  I have to admit that despite making countless drives between Saskatchewan and Alberta during my film school years, and despite passing through Moose Jaw time and time again, the first time I actually stopped to walk around downtown was on a drive to Regina over the Canada Day weekend earlier this month.  I had briefly seen downtown Moose Jaw when I used to take the Greyhound and they'd stop there, but I'd never wandered around like this before.

Downtown Moose Jaw is almost like a period movie set.  The entire area is a mash up of 1910s-1940s architecture, with a bustling and vibrant main street full of original shops tying it all together.  I actually became fascinated by the alleyways because of their painted ads, old fire escapes, and crumbling facades.  There is so much character in that small city, and they've done a decent job of banking on their brief historic connections to Al Capone and that era.  I was genuinely surprised by what a unique place it was.  It's certainly worth pulling off of the Trans-Canada for.

CP Train Station ca. 1928

Post Office ca. 1912

Moose Jaw Collegiate ca. 1929

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