Dec 19, 2011

My New Portfolio Business Cards

Arriving as planned, the brand new business cards I designed and had printed at came just as my portfolio site @ went live last week.  I opted to keep the look simple, using the infamous image I shot of downtown rooftops in my hometown of Medicine Hat. That image has graced this blog in countless variations and has introduced my various short films since 2007. 

I have several friends who have really enjoyed using Moo and I can see why.  I think my cards turned out great and the quality is exceptional.  They'll make a strong first impression when I hand them out in the coming year as I continue to look for new ways to share my online experiences.


Wendy said...

Your cards look awesome, Luke! I would certainly like to have one. I'm loving the rounded corners. Next time I need cards done I think I'll use the print service you used.

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Wendy. I'll be sure to give you one when I visit. What's also cool about Moo is that you can print a different image on each of your business cards if you want to, you can see how I printed different color variations. Also, the fact that they're color on both sides and printed on a heavier stock paper makes them really stand out. I love services that allow you to customize your product just the way you want (like selecting rounded corners).

Plastic Business cards said...

Stunning..your approach inspires me a lot..