Dec 12, 2011

Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations

If listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas on vinyl wasn't enough, at the start of the holiday season I received two of these Hallmark decorations as gifts.  In the following weeks I bought myself the two others as they were released leading up until Christmas. Although I've made it clear that I'm a fan of Christmas clutter, what actually makes these decorations blog worthy is that they're all wirelessly linked to play accompaniment to each others songs. It was actually a pretty smart hook to make you want to go out and pick up the others.

I created a short video and took some photos of the collection to share.  Charlie Brown, Lucy, Shroeder, and Snoopy have been a big hit with everyone that I've had over, and we've had fun setting them up in all corners of the loft to hear them still play their parts. The trick now is going to be finding room for all of this new stuff after Christmas.  

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