Dec 23, 2011

On the Eve of the Eve

I scrambled yesterday to finish a last minute photo shoot, I uploaded a new Weddingstar video, I cleaned out boxes and boxes of product from my office and studio, and then I pulled an all-nighter to finish an edit for Stream Media.  I'm exhausted, but things have pretty much gone to plan and I'm now on holidays until January without any work projects to occupy my time.

This is my favorite part of Christmas.  All of the presents are wrapped, the decorations look great, and I don't have anything to do except enjoy the moment and savor the anticipation of all of the holiday plans ahead.  On the eve of the eve for Christmas 2011, I've managed to do what has failed me for the last several years.  I've made a clean break and set myself up to start fresh in the new year.  After what has been an incredibly busy twelve months, this break feels well deserved.


Wendy said...

Yeesh! Congrats on being done! I just pulled an all-nighter myself to finish some last minute projects and I'm feeling really relieved. I can't wait for your visit!

Editing Luke said...

Me too! It's going to be fun. I can already feel the stress melting away :)