Dec 16, 2011

Welcome Fandrix

Several months of hard work have gone into designing and redesigning my (what was supposed to be) simple portfolio site.  For the time being, I'm happy with the outcome and am proud to announce that my portfolio site, is now officially live. That's not to say that there won't be some moderate tweaking as we approach the new year, but things are looking good.  

The biggest change come this new year will be my ability to hand out promotional business cards to help drive traffic to my sites and showcase my online venues.  From the beginning I've focused on creating an easily adaptable layout, which allows me to easily trade out the content or sites I want to  feature.  I think it will also be a great way of introducing new people to some of my content and highlighting work I'm most proud of. Another personal project (almost) complete! 

Welcome Fandrix! Explore my new portfolio site here.     

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