Dec 27, 2011

Scenes from a Holiday Weekend 2011

Our Christmas was decidedly relaxed this year, but wasn't without fun and excitement. Friends and family gathered at my folks place for Christmas eve where we upheld our ritual to eat, drink, and be merry.  We spent hours playing Pictionary, dancing to a game on the PS3, and singing duets on American Idol on the Wii.  A few drinks in and everyone was a world class entertainer.  

Christmas morning came with plenty of presents and new distractions.  What I wanted most that afternoon was a nap.  However, by dinner the house smelt great and we embraced our comfortable surroundings.  It was the first Christmas we had without any of our extended family and although it felt different, everyone was upbeat.  Our traditions will undoubtedly continue to change as we get older and our families grow, but to me Christmas will always be special.   

Scenes from a holiday weekend.

Christmas eve meets family game night.
Pictionary, PS3 dancing, and American Idol on Wii.

Christmas morning with presents galore.

A small feast for Christmas dinner.

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