Dec 6, 2011

Animation Film Strip

It's really exciting to look back at the work you did in film school and think, "this is actually still pretty awesome".  There are a handful of stop motion shorts that I made in the winter of 2004 in an animation class that I haven't ever thought too much about because I can't watch them.  I don't have a projector for one, but the splicing and film is actually pretty rough and might get destroyed in a projector as it is.  

One of the first posts I made on this blog was about my Lost Animation and the backgrounds that I'd created for it.  It was in reference to this project, Over at Grandpa's which was the final short I made in that film class.  After writing about and sharing the film strip that I left with Dave I thought that I could probably capture a lot of my old film strips in images to share what pieces of my past projects looked like.  

The premise of this short was that the grandpa gets shocked when changing a light bulb, causing him to dance around his house, and then his wife catches him.  It was only about 2 minutes long mind you, but it was meant to be pretty fast paced.  Some of the frames below show him mid-dance move, including some quality voguing.  It's fun to look at stuff like this even just to remind yourself that you actually did it.  Despite the fact that it's remained tucked away in a box, I feel proud that I finally found a way to share a bit more of it.        

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