Dec 1, 2011

Newport Beach, California

Marked by two popular piers, Newport Beach is a beautiful area in Orange County, California.  If you find yourself walking down the small side streets you'll see some beautiful beach front property, and undoubtedly you'll start making predictions about how much they cost.  On a clear day you can see Catalina Island from the shore, and there's a lively ambiance surrounding the shops and restaurants as you make your way to or from the beach.

My first visit was in 2004 when I spent the day with friends exploring the location and swimming in the ocean.  A return trip in 2009 fueled even more memories when we ate at the Newport Pier Grill & Sushi and enjoyed a couple of beers while taking in the view from the end of the pier. I can say without question that I'll continue to visit Newport Beach on my return trips to California. Videos below.    

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