Dec 20, 2011

Christmas in Medicine Hat

Growing up in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta you might expect that I'd have become accustomed to what Christmas actually looks like in this city.  The truth is that moving away for film school (not to mention traveling more in general) and then coming back here to work, completely changed my view of this place.  Over the last couple of years I've found it easier to appreciate a lot of things that make Medicine Hat unique.

Recently I was feeling restless after completing a small editing project and needed to get away from the computer.  I felt like going for a walk and decided to bring my camera with me.  I figure there's always the potential to capture some cool scenes like I shared in these spring or fall blog posts.  Undoubtedly, downtown Medicine Hat at Christmas presents some obvious focal points - the lights on trees around city hall, the variety in store front windows, and even the perennial lighting of the candle on top of the Telus tower.  The Hat really is a beautiful place to spend the holidays.      

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Wendy said...

Beautiful! I especially love the lights around the trees. That looks absolutely magical.