Dec 2, 2011

Weddingstar at the Opera

Earlier this year I was up in Calgary for Weddingstar to shoot another round of behind the scenes photography and video to help promote the release of the 2012 magazine.  One of the big photo shoots this year was taking place at the Calgary Opera House where the space was transformed into elements for a mock ceremony and reception.

Last year the big photo shoot was garden themed and we shot at the popular Rouge Restaurant in Inglewood.  That was a lot of fun, but this shoot was even more lively as there were a number of models and stand ins to help create the scenes.  

I've really enjoyed all of the on location shooting that I've been able to do this year with Weddingstar.  Even if it's just for small edits or more elaborate photography projects, it's exciting to see how our approach is broadening.  It's been a big year, especially now that our newly redesigned website is about to debut this month with the new magazine.  You can also check out the blog post I did about this shoot on the Weddingstar blog.

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