Jan 19, 2010

Worst Video Production Company Promo

I first want to make it abundantly clear that this is not the corporate production company that I work for, haha. This video is in fact produced by a real company offering video services, and from their technical expertise I think it's clear why this video went viral.

This is just further proof that making movies isn't easy. Although the silver lining to this story is that this couple has gained millions of views and a lot of attention by mastering the 'so bad it's good' formula. Truth be told, I love this - and I can't be too harsh, as they've actually found a successful way to get a million views on this video alone. If I were actually making a feature film, I'd jump at the opportunity to have these folks in one of my mockumentaries. They're hilarious.


Chad Howse fitness said...

Just saw your site for the first time, having a look around.

Awesome stuff, love it.


Patrick said...

Holy crap! Fred and Sharon are geniuses! Thanks for introducing me to them,

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