Jan 29, 2010

Old Film School Slides: Vol. 3

And we continue with my film school still frame exercise. What's the story behind these images? What kind of movie would these be from? What's the scene? Do they connect with one another somehow? These were all things we were asked when assigned this project back in the introductory class to the film program. I may have taken the images, but the beauty of the project is that they are what you make of them.

#10 - Alley Building
Lens flares, over-exposed, a back alley entrance - quirky address or seedy meeting place.

#14 - Government House
Historic home, government grounds, modern day or early 20th century?

#7 - Caution
Foreshadowing. What's going on here - crime scene, painting, leaky roof?

#15 - Tree Lined Road
Drive to a hospital or prison in the country - a stately manor perhaps?

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