Jan 18, 2010

Guy With A Library Card: Issue 03

Make It For The Movies
Written by M

I spent a lot of time trying to rack my brain with an idea of a holiday season inspired article for this GWLC. Patience is not my virtue on most days especially when I know something good out there exists, and like a corroded nut I was bound to break the bolt under the force. Then like most moments of greatness and revelation it happened; my daughter asked “When are we gonna go to the library? I want to go before Christmas.” So we made plans to go on the Monday before her holidays from school started. It was a proud moment for me.

Because of her enthusiasm about this, I wanted to do something special for her. In most larger centres there are usually more than one library location. All of which usually have slight differences. At the main branch in downtown Regina, they have what known as the Children's Library. We have talked about the main branch but had never gone there together so I thought this could make the trip a little extra special for her.

We started out going upstairs to the main level to drop off some books. While we were there, the first thing she noticed was the art gallery. At our usual branch, the art gallery is at the entrance and when we see that the exhibit has changed we go in for a look. So when she realized she hadn't seen anything at the main branch before she wanted to explore. As usual, we walked in and browsed the various works in the place. As an additional perk, that I've only ever received at the main branch, a curator came in and started explaining a piece to my daughter. The artist made a small set out of paint. Yes, painting one layer at a time in mold he cast from real materials. She was impressed by the time it would have taken to complete the project. It also was a completely new experience for her to interact with someone in the art gallery. I am pretty sure she didn't expect that it would be the highlight of her trip.

From here, we looked around on the main floor and then headed downstairs to the Children's Library. Oddly, the roles reversed and I was faced with something I did not expect. We went around looking at all the decor of the library from floor mats to fish. As she went looking for books, I went looking for some holiday videos. After a while, I checked in with her to see what she was looking at and to see if I could help her find something a little more specific. Since she was fine on her own, I wandered into the toddler section. I expected the toys and fun decor but while I was looking at a special Crayola computer to help teach kids to type, I noticed a small section for parents.

More specifically, I noticed a book entitled The Parents Guide to the Best Family Videos. I opened the book and inside was a short review of a movie and a rating as to which age group would enjoy the show. The first movie I saw was Ace Ventura. What? I never thought of showing my daughter this film (nor would I, even if a book said it was okay). However, this book raised a very pressing issue I find myself entangled in. I have always struggled with the thought of when my daughter is old enough to see which movie.

This struggle comes mostly from my extensive DVD collection and the fact that she is named after a character from one of these DVD's. She knows where her name comes from and I have shown her the character. My problem is that the movie is very violent so she has only seen a small bit. But it's not just these movies. I want her to enjoy movies that I had seen when I was young. I want her to appreciate them like I did. So most of my battle is trying to remember about each show and whether it is appropriate.

The book helped instantly. I was thinking of getting The Mighty Ducks that was sitting on the shelf so that we could watch it over Christmas. I figured that she seemed more pro-hockey now but I was unsure if it would be too young or too old for her. The book made my mind up fairly easy. Although I forgot about the family issues and love story in the film it all came back to me in a quick read. Not to mention the rating was five star for her age group. I snagged the movie and the book as well as four others that she chose.

Anyway, the book is a little out dated and did not have the movie in which her name comes from, however it still sent some surprises my way and has provided a list of movies that I now want to watch with her. The best part of all is that it eased my mind slightly, knowing that the movies I have been choosing to show her and at what age has be right on according to some one else somewhere. I guess it's just comforting that people are going through the same little struggles and coming to the same conclusion that I am.

So with that, I am going to leave you in the same way the book leaves you, with a few lists.

“Best Movies Ages 7-10;

Ann of Green Gables, The Bad News Bears, The Black Stallion, The Borrowers, ET, The Empire Strikes Back, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Princess Bride, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Toy Story.”

“Movies the Book recommends that I can watch with my daughter right away or in a few years that I am excited about;

The Adventures of Robin Hood, Apollo 13, Back To The Future, Big, The Breakfast Club(I might watch this first again), Charlotte's Web, Clueless, Dumb and Dumber, Star Wars, Karate Kid, Kind Kong, Lassie, A League of their Own, Look Who's Talking, The Mask Of Zorro, The Never Ending Story, Old Yeller, Indiana Jones, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Truman Show.”

I can't wait to watch those and many others. Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday and happy movie watching.

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