Jan 30, 2010

Old Film School Slides: Vol. 4

This is the last of the film school slide volumes. Look over the images once more and think to yourself about what the story or scene behind them might be and share it if you like.  As I've expressed, this is a great exercise for a variety of technically based (film experience related) reasons, but it's also just a great way to wake up your brain.

#11 - Truck
Old truck with Saskatchewan plates, what's the owner like or where is he or she?

#6 - Waffle Ceiling
Mad Men office space or space office for mad men?

#1 - Window
Sask. Legislature, maybe a stately home even, who's inside?

#16 - Papers
A million old stories, a lost message, stacks of old observations . . . find something.


Angry Charlie said...

Wow. Reviewing these this past week as been an absolute pleasure. It's amazing what a person remembers upon second viewing. I specifically remember the window one and the comments you recieved of how cool it was that the branch curved along with the window. I always seem to pass by my slides in my film shcool shoe box without a second glance. Perhaps I will have to take a peek one of these days. Interesting how not looking at something like this for so long can take one straight back to the moment it was taken, and the day it was presented to Gord. Nice series here, Luke. It's unfortunate there are only so many of these to share.

Editing Luke said...

It is exciting for me to rediscover past film school work. It's been the inspiration behind the new Film School Lessons column because there are a lot of assignments and ideas to share that aren't just videos.

I'd love to see some of your old (non-video) work also Tyler. It makes me nostalgic too.