Jan 17, 2010

New Portfolio Pages

Here's a quick look at the recent updates I've made to the portfolio pages on my site @ www.editingluke.com. In contrast to the previous designs, I wanted something that was a bit more stylized and layouts with stronger punches of colour. The 'Select a Genre' page was also streamlined to reduce the load time. I'm clearly biased, but I think things are getting better and better as I work out exactly how I want things to look and function.

Select a Genre Page

Narrative Page

Experiments Page

Travel Page

Promos Page


Kath Lockett said...

They look brilliant, Luke. I'll be honest and admit that I don't always have the bandwidth to see every one of your films, but I like what you write/think about them and you clearly also have a great idea for visual design.

Happy 2010 and hey, if you ever want to write a script via email with a slightly deranged 41 year old in Australia, let me know :)

Editing Luke said...

As always, I love the feedback you give me Kath. And careful what you propose, I've been known to take people up on their offers quite often, haha.