Jan 28, 2010

Old Film School Slides: Vol. 2

In continuation of the images I posted yesterday, here are several more slides from the same film school photography assignment.  Several of these images were never used in class, so coming across them again after years in a box has me redefining their meaning.  The idea behind the project was to consider possible scenes or stories related to the image, as though it was a still frame from a feature film.  What do you see?

#2 - Pentax
My friend Ward. Shooting each others portrait at the same time - what happened to the picture of me I wonder?

#8 - Fountain
Dimly lit, beads of water collecting - someone else was just here.

#5 - Bowling Alley
A time gone by, abandoned, nostalgic, what's inside?

#9 - Utility Closet
Shades of yellow and orange, full shelves, hidden supplies, someones collection.

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