Jan 23, 2010

Amazing Video Production Company Promo

In some of the latest research I've been doing for the company I work for (creating original promotional videos for a website) I came across a collection of videos by Cloud Nine Creative Inc. As a response to the worst production company promo I posted a few days ago, this clip is an excellent example of how a promo should look. Catering to the wedding crowd (a very challenging business to be a part of) the work I've seen from Cloud Nine is both beautiful, polished, and wonderfully cinematic. This is where a steady cam and a small crew really make the difference between a home video and an unforgettable memento.

It's the editing that really attracts me here - I dare say that it's very similar to my own style with the quick cuts, use of bold motion, stylized slow-mo shots/transitions, and rhythmic pacing that I've used heavily in my corporate editing specifically. Working with this footage must have been fun, and the candid shots of happy couples and families complete the package. The work done here is impressive and from a technical standpoint deserves recognition. From my humble position, I say well done Cloud Nine Creative!

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