Jan 25, 2010

Inspired Singles: Issue 06

A single a day keeps your creativity in play.
Join me as I share some of my fav tunes in an effort to pay the inspiration forward.
Inspired Singles: Issue 06 by Luke Fandrich

This Too Shall Pass by OK Go

I've spoke previously in this series about OK Go, and with the
release of their latest album (Of the Blue Color of the Sky) I was once again inspired to share another one of their tracks. This Too Shall Pass is great not just because of the free-spirited lyrics, upbeat chorus, and strong beat, but the video is yet another single-take surprise from the group with them decked out in marching band garb and parading through a field full of well placed extras. You may remember the treadmill video for Here it Goes Again that went viral or their choreographed dancing in the backyard for A Million Ways - which both further support my reasoning in finding their music (and videos for that matter) thoroughly inspiring.

Slow Poison by The Bravery

This retro-esque tune is driving, toe-tapping, synth-fueled kitsch, and I love it. The video, full of neon beams and strobes of cosmic light, features a cosmonaut exploring space in an eye-catchingly 'far out and happening way' as Greg Brady might say. This tune from The Bravery's latest album, Stir the Blood, has been on repeat lately.

We Own the Sky by M83

From their album, Saturdays=Youth, We Own the Sky is another ambient, echoing, and alternative selection on my part. What I love about the song is that it feels heavy - made so by the slow beat and (low) synth droning. I picture a train trying to make it up a hill; slow, steady, striving to reach the top. The tone is encompassing and it's ideal for getting lost in your own thoughts.

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