Jan 27, 2010

Old Film School Slides: Vol. 1

A movie, technically speaking, is simply a series of still images played at 24 frames per second to create the illusion of movement. This fact proved to be the central theme of my very first production class and the inspiration behind many of the projects that we were assigned in the winter semester of 2003. Working with the Pentax K1000 (still camera) we were instructed to capture images and then create a back story, soundscape, song, or any cinematic embellishment we wished, to add another layer to the images.

I vaguely remember what I did, but stumbling on to these slides again was a treat. It brings back a lot of memories to see how 7 years ago I was just beginning to explore my love of urban texture and depth - bricks, concrete, peeling paint, retro settings in a modern context, etc. This influence is evident in several of my projects, most notably, Urban Jazz from that same year.

If you imagine these slides as a single frame in a feature film, it's actually a great creative exercise (hence the assignment) to picture what might be going on - Where are we going? What is this leading to? What does the image say about the theme, style, genre? I have my own notes on how I accented these images, but I'll leave it to you to come up with your own stories.

#12 - Western Furs
Bold text, patterned windows, bellowing smoke, canted angle to emphasize scale - this is the cold city.

#3 - Piano
Stylized text with Canadian reference, short depth of field - foreshadowing for Keys perhaps?

#13 - Hang Up
Abandoned, desolate, no answer . . .

#4 - The Red Light
Industrial elements, a bright spot of color - welcoming or foreboding?

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