Feb 18, 2013

A New Badge for a New Ride

While I expect most of you missed the drama regarding the downfall of my Jaguar play out on my other site, this weekend my mood changed for the better when I finally purchased a new set of wheels. I decided on a 2006 Chrysler 300 (Touring Edition) with the complete luxury package. 

After nearly 3 years in the Jag, I knew there were a lot of amenities that I'd become accustomed to and that frankly I wasn't willing to give up if I could help it.  I did a lot of research and review scanning to find a vehicle that had exactly what I was looking for. In the end, we had to drive 4 hours to pick it up, but my expectations were surpassed when I finally got behind the wheel. 

What's best is that  in the switch I've sacrificed nothing except a badge. My 300 has all of the latest bells and whistles, from heated leather seats, to a sunroof, to bluetooth connectivity, and even a little analog clock in the dash just like the Jag had.  Even better, there's more head room, I can fit more than one suitcase in the trunk, and there's no hood ornament for someone to rip off.  

I'm really happy with how things have panned out, and despite the heartache from the death of my Jaguar, the outcome has been surprisingly brilliant. The 300 looks awesome, drives beautifully, and is considerably more affordable to maintain. This can only mean good things for a new year of road trips and my other travels ahead.  

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Michael said...

Congratulations. I have always thought comfortable driving was the most important aspect of any car.