Feb 25, 2013

Creative Space 2.0

This weekend marked the first time in recent memory that I had an abundance of free time. I had no work, no photo shoots planned, and no real pressing chores or errands to get done. With the exception of plans to go watch the Oscars on Sunday night, I had two days to just lay on the couch. Sadly, I never got around to that.

On Friday after work I was going through my Around the Hat postcards to organize them, and it struck me how my apartment had become consumed by side projects. A photo book to scan for my folks was all over my desk, some video tapes were stacked across the kitchen counter, and my prints and postcards filled the dining and coffee table. There wasn't a free surface to actually work anywhere anymore. I suppose that's what kicked off the idea, because right then I decided it was time to upgrade my work space.

Come Saturday I was out the door and decided to take a road trip to the IKEA in Calgary. Not only did I already know what I wanted from there, but it was an easy excuse to do some joyriding in my new 300. It was actually a lot of fun, and the idea of building a more efficient work space was a good motivator. I ended up buying a new shelf, desk extension, table top, mountable work lamp, and a couple of large wall frames.  

This is what my desk / edit suite started out as, and below are the pictures of the outcome after all of the building, deconstructing, purging, and reorganizing. It turned out not to be a very relaxed weekend until Sunday night, but I'm loving all of the extra desk space to lay projects out now. I think it looks pretty good too.

BEFORE. My desk before the new shelf and extension.
AFTER. My updated work space.

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