Feb 16, 2013

Marshall-Mitchell Hardware Co. Warehouse

While I'm not certain, it seems very likely that this rail yard warehouse in Medicine Hat, Alberta was constructed sometime between 1910-1912.  It was originally built for the Marshall-Mitchell Hardware Company.  This area was in development in the early 1910s, and pictures taken of the construction of the neighbouring Dominion Fruit Company warehouse in 1913 show this warehouse already standing.

Not long after this (perhaps as early as 1917) the building housed the Codville Company, which was a chain of wholesale grocers in Western Canada. Faded paint from this chapter of the warehouse's history can still be seen on several walls of the building, along with other less distinguishable marks. Today the location seems to be in use by the neighbouring business to store furniture. The warehouse doesn't look like it's in particularly good shape at the moment. Severe cracks all over the building show its age. It is another fascinating location made even more so by the faded clues that give hints to its past.

Marshall-Mitchell Hardware Company ca. 1914

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