Feb 5, 2013

A Whirlwind Month

My start to 2013 has been busy, exciting, rewarding, and surprisingly devastating.  Yes, I've had a taste of it all in the last month, and I thought a bit of a recap was in order.

Not surprisingly, my focus on Around the Hat has dominated my free time.  After several large custom print orders, I decided it was time to make it official.  I did a post about prints and how you could order them.  Of course, all of this was piggybacking on the announcement I'd made earlier in the month about my original postcards from the series.  Not long after that the Around the Hat: Postcard Shop was open, and I finally shared the first series of postcards.    

In the midst of this, my talks have continued with City Hall about the use of my images.  Building on the meeting we had before Christmas, we have started to fine tune some of the selections they might be interested in.  Likewise, I've been exploring a lot of other local venues for promoting and sharing my work, and have established some great leads already.  This process is still in its early stages, but the gears are moving which is good.

One place where the gears weren't moving, however, was in the transmission of my Jaguar.  If you've seen my other site, Jeeves and the Jaguar, or noticed my car related posts in the past you'll have realized how upsetting this was to me.  The cost and complication of the repair, in consideration of several other factors, has left me with very little choice but to retire the car.  I wrote about the upsetting news here.  The hunt for a new set of wheels that I feel inspired by is now underway.  

Just as I was dealing with the unfortunate end of my vehicle though, I received some positive reinforcement in the form of an interview with the Medicine Hat News about my photo series.  The article not only increased the exposure of my project, but I was fortunate to gain access to several of the abandoned buildings that I'd previously been unable to.  Here's what I wrote about that.  The feedback has been amazing! 

All in all, the last month was certainly eventful and has started to take the year in some interesting directions that I wasn't expecting.  To be honest I'm feeling a bit exhausted, but it feels like energy well spent.  It's given me a lot to share at the very least. 

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