Feb 8, 2013

Novelty Camera Case for iPhone

I came upon this rather haphazardly while browsing on eBay, but it got my attention right away.  This novelty iPhone case made by Gizmon is a pretty clever vintage camera lookalike.  You may be thinking that you've seen this before, but it's not simply a picture printed on a standard case.  It's actually an accessory with details and depth.

For starters, the design is really attractive.  The two metal knobs at the top can be taken off and allow you to attach a strap so you can wear it around your neck like a traditional camera.  The buttons on the case still allow you to work the buttons on the side of the iPhone, which is particularly cool when you're taking pictures and can use the trigger button on the case to snap them.  

The product also comes with a small tripod mount that snaps onto the bottom if you're looking to get really serious with you iPhone photography.  Perhaps best of all though, the style doesn't get in the way of practicality or function.  

The case comes with two mock lenses.  A larger novelty one that makes the camera look more mechanical, and a practical flat one.  With the smaller flat lens on, my iPhone still fits comfortably in my pocket (which was my only real concern when I saw this).  The design and build of the case is also pretty solid, so it offers as much protection as any of the other standard ones.  All things considered, I can't think of a case that's more appropriate to my profession or better compliments my love for old cameras. 

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