Feb 26, 2013

Cypress Club Interior: Lounge & Staircase

Unlike many of the other historic locations I've photographed around Medicine Hat, what makes the Cypress Club so unique is that it's remained a prominent members club since its inception in 1903 right through until today. This building was constructed in 1907, and is still a stunning downtown landmark. If the exterior seems a bit subtle, the interior leaves no question about just how incredible this club is.

I was personally invited inside the club to document the location for my Around the Hat series, and shot so many amazing pictures that I thought I'd divide them up into three posts. Starting with the lounge and staircase, I also went on to photograph the dining area and boardroom, followed by the poker room and snooker table.

I loved exploring this location. The dark wood, stained glass, high back leather chairs, and even the animal heads on the walls, all serve to create an almost stereotypical view of what classical high society was (or still is) meant to look like. It's great that the location is still used for meetings and gatherings, and I'm especially fond of how well the building and interior has been maintained - right down to the vintage shoe polishing machine in the men's washroom. 

The atmosphere in the lounge creates what would seem to be the ideal location for a whiskey or brandy, and the surrounding details, like the buffalo head over the fireplace, only helps to further emphasize the local flavour. Even newer additions, like the bar with the Cypress Club logo, have been seamlessly incorporated into the layout to preserve the classic look. The Cypress Club is brimming with history, and it was an absolute pleasure to get the opportunity to see it up close and share it here. More to come.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics of the interior of the Cypress Club, how about some photos of the past presidents?