Feb 14, 2013

Monarch Theatre Interior: Projection Room

As I made my way from the theatre, I was excited by the opportunity to finally get a look inside of the Monarch Theatre's projection room.  In the midst of their Digital or Die campaign, the Monarch is working to raise the $100,000 required to get the digital projector they need to stay open and screen the latest movies.  It won't be long until projection rooms just like this one truly become a thing of the past.

I personally had several film school flashbacks as I explored the upper level of the Monarch.  The old reels, the strands of film, and even a poster from the Medicine Hat Film Festival were all pleasant reminders of my time in uni.  The projector and surrounding equipment was beautiful, only made more so when considering how many films must have passed through here.  What can I say? I was easily charmed by this place and the idea of over a century of films being projected to countless audiences from this little room.   

Downstairs in the walkway between the theatre and lobby sits the Monarch's original projector.  It's another reminder that the theatre has changed many times over the decades.  In general, the departure from film projectors certainly marks the end of an era, but for this little movie theatre in Medicine Hat, a digital projector will no doubt solidify all of the hard work that's gone into bringing this place back from closure.  The fundraising isn't over, but I feel confident that the Monarch Theatre will continue to be a great place to catch a flick for many years ahead.

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