Feb 2, 2013

Around the Hat in the Newspaper

A week ago I contacted the Medicine Hat News regarding my Around the Hat photo series and suggested that my project might make an interesting story.  I also said that it would be beneficial in potentially helping me gain access to a number of the closed (but historic) locations downtown.  My message wasn't ignored.

On Wednesday I was contacted by the paper for an interview and had my picture taken for the article.  On Thursday it was in the newspaper and in no time messages were filling my inbox.  I got suggestions, compliments, and best of all, several genuine offers to come and photograph specific locations downtown that I'd been unable to get inside of.  In fact, I took the day off work yesterday because I had an offer from a realtor who was willing to get me access to five abandoned buildings that he thought would be great for my series.  It was an incredible opportunity, and I still have a couple more shoots planned for next week with different individuals.

The article was essentially a retelling of the blurb that I wrote on my Around the Hat page about the project, but the awareness that the article provided was pretty exciting. The series has continued to grow and exceed my expectations as new doors (quite literally) have started to open. Only time will tell what might happen next, but if anything, the growing response has confirmed that I've tapped into something quite special.          

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Wendy said...

How exciting, Luke! It's so great that you're getting some local recognition for your photos! So proud of my friend :D