Jun 14, 2012

Drowning in Student Debt

I was recently contacted by a member of the design team at Online Schools about sharing a new infographic they had created about student debt.  I can certainly relate to the frustration of trying to keep your head above water, as I did have a loan for several years of film school and ended up back at my parent's place afterwards trying to pay it down.  I consider myself fortunate in this situation, as it would have been much worse if I wouldn't have had my folks there while I was trying to get started.  I did write about some of this while I was going through it in 2009.

I've since made a lot of progress in paying off one of my loans completely, getting out of the basement, and gaining traction with my career.  It took a lot of work just to get to this point though, and while I'm fortunate that I'm able to work in positions focused on video and photography like I went to school for, money and growth opportunities are still very real concerns.  The numbers stated in this infographic are surprising, but the reality unfortunately is not.    

Student Loan Debt

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