Jun 7, 2012

Elm Street School

Constructed between 1911-1912, Elm Street School is the oldest elementary school still operating in the city of Medicine Hat. Just exploring the school ground tells a story about how much has changed over a century in operation. A separate entrance for boys and girls is immediately noticeable on the back of the building.  

Other changes have included window covers added to the front of the school, the removal of the dome on the roof, the partial demolition of the original addition to the rear of the school in 1973, and the expansion of the gymnasium. 

What also makes Elm Street interesting is its proximity to the historic clay district. The school was no more than a block away from the expansive Alberta Clay Products factory, and just a short walk away from Hycroft and Medalta. The area has since become much quieter, but it gives a cue as to the direction that part of the city had been growing. Elm Street school is yet another example of the boom that was occurring across Medicine Hat in the early part of the 1910s.

Elm Street School shortly after completion.

Original rear portion of school ca. 1920 (demolished 1973)

Elm Street construction ca. 1912

Laying Elm Street cornerstone in 1912.

Elm Street School ca. 1929


Anonymous said...

curious to know if the school ever opened the time capsule we burried there as kids in the 80's. forgot all about it until reading this article, have no clue what was put in it or where it was buried or even when it was to be opened.

Beckamax said...

Why djd they cover up those beautiful front windows? The multi coloured covers make the building look kind of cheap and trashy. Too bad they were put there. Original building was amazing. Thanks for the pictures through time. 😀