Jun 9, 2012

My Batmobile

Of the various Batman franchises over the years, it was Tim Burton's blockbuster that had the most influence on me.  I remember having a few of the toys, but much like it was for me with Ghostbusters, it was all about the iconic car.  Until recently I hadn't given any of this much thought until I found my old Batmobile tucked away in the back of a basement cupboard at my parent's place.

Two things struck me with this discovery.  One was that the car had a copyright date of 1989 on the bottom of it.  This reminded me of just how much time had passed, but also that my old Buick (speaking of significant cars) had been from the same year.  The second thing was how much blue play-doh had dried all over this thing.  I cleaned most of it off, but I suppose back then combining play-doh with all of my cars was a no-brainer.  Sometimes it's easy to get swept up in childhood memories, but with your own Batmobile you'd be a fool not to!    

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