Jun 26, 2012

Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church

It was one hundred years ago today on June 26, 1912 that the corner stone for the Fifth Avenue (Methodist) Church was laid in place.  You can see a picture of the stone below. It was actually a big year for church construction as both St. Patrick's and St. Barnabas were being erected in 1912 as well. 

Perched on the corner of 4th street and 5th avenue, the church overlooks much of downtown Medicine Hat.  The church was actually ravaged by fire and largely destroyed in July 1931, but was rebuilt almost immediately.  Today the Fifth Avenue Memorial Church looks much as it did in 1912, with the exception of the education centre added on to the rear of the church in 1957.

Fifth Avenue Church sometime around 1920.

Church construction in 1912.

5th Ave. United Church ca. 1930s

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