Jul 24, 2010

The Move

This month marked the beginning of a brand new chapter since I came back to Medicine Hat in 2008. As my first place (that hasn't just been a basement or dorm) I packed up and moved into a beautiful downtown loft in a building that I'd had my eye on since I moved back. In the same way I said goodbye to residence life I wanted to share a few pictures from the move to mark the experience.


Angry Charlie said...

That's some pretty crazy stuff man! I gotta say I'm impressed and can't wait to see it in person!! Little Luke's all growns up! Now all you need is a roommate! Are ya lookin' for Rowan??!! :P

Editing Luke said...

Thanks, Tyler! Ya, it's only getting more polished each week that I settle in. It makes a really strong first impression - this is no college apartment :) But no, I'll leave the roommates for you, haha.