Jun 24, 2012

Cabazon Dinosaurs

My fascination with these landmarks along the interstate in southern California should come as no surprise.  I've written about my first visit there, I posted about eating at the Wheel Inn next door, and I shared a few pictures from inside the T-Rex.  Still, after all of that, I realized I still had a few images from around the dinosaur garden that I had never posted anywhere before.  These are the remainder of my snapshots from visiting the Cabazon Dinosaurs in 2009 and 2010. 

The video I shot and edited as part of my Indio Outio project (also posted below) ended up on the Cabazon Dinosaurs official facebook page back in April.  It's always a pleasant surprise to find my photos or videos shared by people who are closest to the subject matter.  I guess it's the best part of crazy attractions like this, they're quick to get attention and easy to build memories around.  We can all look at the same pictures and take away something from our own visits.

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