Jun 12, 2012

Vintage Neon Motel Signs: Day

Located along the Trans-Canada highway in Medicine Hat, Alberta there are still a handful of vintage motels in operation, many with their original neon signs. These are far from the best places to stay in the city, but if you're just passing through they do the trick. Admittedly, there's something a bit romantic about the kitschy value of staying at places like this on long distance road trips. I see the appeal, and even though they're decades old, they're not all dives.  

It was actually on a recommendation that I decided to go and photograph some of these overlooked highway landmarks from the 1950s and 1960s. I shot these images at the Ranchmen Motel, Bel Aire Motel, Rancho Motel, Hat Motel, and Satellite Motel. There are more in the area, but these five had the best neon signs in my opinion.  


Ranchmen Motel pre-cowboy sign ca. 1960

Ranchmen Motel with new sign ca. 1960s

Satellite Motel ca. 1962


daniellaprice30 said...

I like looking at those vintage motel signs because it makes me miss the good old days. Even though we mostly stay at Hamptons bed and breakfast on weekend vacations, these signs never fail to make me smile.

Kathy said...

Customized signs now don't usually look like this. I'd love to make customized car wraps Seattle based on these vintage designs.