May 16, 2013

Salt Kiln Firing at Medalta

Of all my explorations around the clay district, it's been especially exciting during the last few weeks to get an up close look at the Artists in Residence facility down at Medalta Potteries. Having undertaken a few new contract projects with Medalta, I was in the right place to get a first hand look at a salt kiln firing last night.

Salt firing is a process where packets of salt are added to the kiln at high temperatures, where it then vaporizes and creates a glaze on the pottery. I watched as some salt was added, causing flames to momentarily roar from the kiln. I was also shown how test pieces are removed from the kiln to see how the firing and glaze is looking. If I remember correctly, this batch of pottery was in for about 14 hours.

It's some pretty amazing stuff, and a very cool scene to witness. I can't wait to capture more of the energy around the site as I try and contrast the old and new methods of pottery making in an upcoming video for Medalta. This is such an iconic location in Medicine Hat and a brilliant historical resource for the community. I'm really happy to have the opportunity to be involved in showcasing it.

Glazed test piece removed and cooled out of the kiln.

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Gillian said...

You'll need to go back to Medalta when they open that kiln and photograph the results of that firing, please!