May 9, 2013

Hutchings and Sharp Interior: Part 2

This post is a continuation of my look inside the now closed Hutchings and Sharp, which occupied the Hutchinson Block in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta.


Terri Mappin (Terri Mappin Photography) said...

I had the privilege of working for Mr. Sharp in this grand store during the late 80's! Fond memories of cleaning the store front and rolling Charlie out each morning, decorating the store front windows and listening to the creek of the floor when customers would come in! It has always saddened me to see such a grand, historic place closed. Lucky you for getting to have a peek inside! If only those walls could talk ... ah, the grand stories they could tell!

Anonymous said...

The Hutchings in the name was my grandpa, Harry Hutchings. Although he passed away in 1964, a few months after I was born, Mr. Sharp always welcomed us as a part of the place. We used to get to sit on Charlie when we visited the store, and I whenever I smell saddle leather I think of that place. Just this week I found some ViewMaster photos of the store from the late 1950s.