May 24, 2013

3D Ceramic Printer at Medalta

Between my full time gig and the contract work I have on the go, it's been a busy and entertaining week. Over the last few days I've been fortunate to witness a lot of the excitement around the new 3D ceramic printer at Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat. It's only here for a couple weeks to give the Artists in Residence a chance to experiment with the technology and give a first hand demo to others in the community. Meanwhile, I've been snapping pictures and shooting footage for a promotional video I'm doing for Medalta about the potential of this new technology and what the artists can do with it.

What's amazing about this printer is how it turns a clay powder into a fully formed 3D object over a few hours. It's a bit complicated to explain (for me that is), but the visuals are pretty cool and more of the specifics will come out when the video is complete. The objects are then fired, and the results are amazingly intricate and detailed. A snake like object was printed earlier and it's been an amazing demo to show just what's possible. By the end of next week they predict they should have around 100 different objects from the machine as a result of the artist's experiments and designs. I can't wait to share more as this video comes together. 

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