May 1, 2013

A Life on Instagram

I've been using Instagram for several years now on my iPod. I liked using it to create collages for posts on my blog - this one is a good example - and I racked up nearly 1600 images on that account. Despite this, that account was private, and it's only been about a week now since I created a new public account @editingluke to share pics and excerpts from my everyday. So really, this is my first honest go on Instagram.

I got to thinking that having a public Instagram account would be a good way to branch out, to share some of my work, to capture the things that wouldn't necessarily ever end up in a blog post, and to play around with my phone. I'm not really taking it that seriously, but then again, that's the fun in it. I'm still just getting up to speed, but I'm looking forward to the collages that are likely to come out of another eventful summer! Follow my updates as I get things going here @editingluke   

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