May 31, 2013

6 Years of Editing Luke

Every year that I write one of these anniversary posts it reminds me of just how much can happen in 365 days. If hitting my five year milestone last year clued me into anything, it was that the success of this site has come from the continued pursuit of achieving the creative goals I've set out for myself. Each year has been a learning experience, and year six of Editing Luke was especially incredible in that respect.

Photography and video have always been the backbone of this online project, but it was the focus that came from turning the lens on my hometown that really kicked off a new chapter in year six. Around the Hat has not only allowed me to showcase the passion I have for what I do, but it's connected me with a lot of amazing people in my community. From contract offers to image sales, the ripple effect has stirred up a lot of excitement, and once again, has redefined the influence and impact of my site.

After six years it's amazing to look back at the stories I've documented and shared. Everything has been a stepping stone to something bigger and better, and it's been a thrill to top my past achievements - like when I raved about first hitting 10,000 video views back in 2007 for instance. It's these things that remind me of just how far I've come. Now with over 1.38 million online video views, I'm still shocked that all of this grew out of a simple desire to make my work seem more relevant as I was preparing to leave film school. The numbers aren't what make this special though, it's the fact that I can see how my work is resonating and connecting with more and more people each year. The persistence of keeping this project alive has allowed me to build momentum, and it's amazing how much has happened on the back of that.

It's like I said last year, "I don't go a month without sharing something I've created, shot, or edited. The upkeep of this project has resulted in a personal obligation to live by my words, to dream out-loud, and to build some form of context while doing so". If there was any advice I could pass on, it's that you should pursue your ambitions with key goals in mind. Nothing pans out all at once, but you'll be amazed how much ground you've gained just because you've given yourself things to aim for. Six years in, and not only is this still fun for me to do, but it's become a lightning rod for new opportunities and contacts. I can't wait to see what another year brings.

Stats After 6 Years - 1394 Blog Posts - 271,135 Blog Views - 1.38 Million Video Views

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