May 7, 2013

2006 Chrysler 300 Touring Edition

In the grand tradition of photographing the vehicles I've owned, this beautiful spring weather inspired this latest set. After my '89 Buick and '99 Jaguar, the Chrysler is really the continuation on a theme for me. I like my big sedans. I like a comfortable ride and all the bells and whistles that come along with a luxury car. And like most guys, I like a car that has some guts when you put your foot down. 

The 300 isn't a classic yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if in 20 years these cars are looked back on favorably. I still argue that they're one of a handful of mainstream vehicles out there today that actually have some distinct design behind them. That was a big deal to me coming from the Jag. 

I was also keen to find a 300 with all the upgrades I wanted, and found them in this one. From an mp3 ready stereo, dual climate control, full leather, heated seats, upgraded dash computer, bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls, sunroof, etc, etc. - this car doesn't leave me in want of much. With another summer of road trips ahead, I can't wait to really break her in. I might finally get around to a bit of customization too. My cars have always just been big toys anyway.

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